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Home Learning

Home Learning


From September 2020, we are fully open. We hope to stay open, but you will find learning and play activities here if you are self-isolating at home, or we need to switch to remote learning for a period of time.


Each week we will be posting activities for you to complete at home. These include a number of the week which are maths activities based around a number, a letter of the week with phonics activities about a letter and topic activities for you to complete at home. When you complete an activity we would love to see - so please post an observation on Tapestry. 



BBC Tiny Happy People

Explore simple activities and play ideas and find out about their amazing early development.,1492U,5T67X4,3XHFV,1


You could use some of the activities from 100 things to do before you are six.



Activities to support early mathematical learning:

Counting - Hide and Seek


One more, one less

3D shapes



 Book Talk Activities. Below you will find a digital copy of the story - Seren's seasons. Discuss the book together and talk about their experiences of the seasons/weather. 

Seren's Seasons eBook

  • Make a snow person from objects at home or in the garden, like Seren does. You could use towels to build a 3D model or use chalk in the garden.
  • Make a diary. Use pictures to record the weather each day.
  • Use natural objects from the garden, such as pebbles or leaves, to make artworks on the ground.
  • Use a stick dipped in muddy water to practise writing letters or names on the floor outside.
  • Weather fashion shoot! Pretend its spring. Ask your child to dress for spring. Take photos on your phone or table. Repeat for each season. You could make a slideshow or scrap book to show this.
  • Draw pictures and practise sequencing the story. What happened first, next, last etc.
  • Draw a snow person outline for children to add to.
  • Let us know if you think of any additional activities to with the story.



 Children in pre-school access Phase 1 phonics. This phonics phase is intended to develop children’s listening, vocabulary and speaking skills.

Phonics daily powerpoint

Phonics Play - Use the phonics games in the Phase 1 phonics section to support your child. 

Username: march20

Password: home 

Read Write Inc.

In school we use Read Write Inc. Phonics. Tune into the live lesson from Read, Write Inc. trainers. The set 1 sounds are appropriate for pre-school children. They are on at 9.30am each day. 

Click here for advice and FAQs about Read Write Inc. Phonics



Letter of the week - n

Number of the week - 7

Topic Activities - India

Letter of the week - i

Number of the week - 6

Topic Activities - Africa


Letter of the week - t

Number of the week - 5

Topic Activities - The UK


Travel and Transport 

Letter of the week - d

Number of the week - 4

Topic Activities - Travel and Transport 2

Topic Activities - Travel and Transport 1


Letter of the week - s

Number of the week - 3

Topic Activities - Travel and Transport 2

Topic Activities - Travel and Transport 1


Letter of the week - a 

Number of the week - 2

Topic Activities - Travel and Transport



Letter of the week - m

Number of the week - 1

Topic Activities - Travel and Transport




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