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Voluntary Contribution Scheme

The St Joseph's Voluntary Contribution Scheme


St Joseph’s is a Voluntary Aided (VA) school and as such is responsible for all capital works i.e. building projects and school improvements and receives .  The funding for building work in a Voluntary Aided school comes from two main sources: 1) the capital budget provided by the local authority and 2) additional funding from the Diocese of Leeds.  As a VA school, 10% of total building costs have to be paid by the School Governing Body.  If the money cannot be raised the projects are not approved.

Until a few years ago monies required to support the school came via the parish.  However the Diocese recognised that contributions through the parishes have dropped along with Mass attendance, so consequently they introduced a scheme to include all parents who choose to send their children to a Catholic school.  This Voluntary Contribution Scheme (VCS) operates across all schools in the Diocese of Leeds.  The St Joseph’s Contribution Scheme is the main source of funding for our 10% commitment (in addition to fundraising and other charitable donations).

To support the school in fulfilling its current and future commitments, the Governors ask that every family commit to making a regular contribution to the School Building Fund.  The value of your contribution is for you to decide but we would ask you to consider a minimum contribution of £10 per child per term (£15 per family per term).

If you have not already done so, please download a VCS standing order mandate and gift aid form   and return it to the school office.

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