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Good attendance at school is essential to achieve a good education and helps to establish strong working ethos early in life.  Some pupils achieve 100% attendance, but in the event of your child being ill and unable to attend it is essential that you inform the school of the reasons for absence.


Parents and carers have a duty to ensure that their child receives efficient full-time education, suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and any special needs, either by regular attendance at school, or otherwise (Education Act 1966).


Current legislation requires that all absence figures, along with reasons for absence, must be reported to North Yorkshire County Council and the Department for Education(DfE).


Regular school attendance is essential and parents/carers, along with our school staff, play a major role in ensuring that your child's education potential is achieved. Parents/carers must be fully aware of the school's attendance policy as absence may have a major impact on your child's learning. Pupils are expected to attend school for the academic year, unless there is an exceptional reason for absence and their are two categories of absence:


Authorised Absence: Is when the reason for absence is satisfactory justification and approval has been given in advance, when the school received a request.


Unauthorised Absence: Is when the school has not received a reason for absence or has not approved the parent's request.


In accordance with DfE guidelines (August 2013), a family holiday is not deemed as exceptional circumstances.


Please be aware that when a parent telephones the school with information that their child is unable to attend due to illness, or other circumstances, this may not be automatically authorised. Keeping your child off school with minor ailments such as a headache or slight cold is not acceptable. Repeated absences will require us to request that you obtain medical evidence from your doctor. This may be in the form of a stamped compliment slip confirming your visit, or prescription or bottle medicine. Any of these items should be shown to Mrs McLaughlin or Mrs Young. 


There is a clear connection between regular attendance and academic achievement. As attendance deteriorates, so does performance, achievement, friendships and self-esteem.


The achievement and maintenance of high levels of attendance is the shared responsibility of parents/carers and the school, along with the local authority.



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