St Joseph's Catholic Primary School & Nursery

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School & Nursery

Live, Love and Learn with the Lord

Station Road, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, LS24 9JG, United Kingdom

01937 832344




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What makes St Joseph's a special place? 

Reception—Oakley says…

“I have lots of friends and love playing with my friends and doing work. The teachers are kind.”

Year One— Edward says...

“At St Joseph’s we like to do lots of phonics. I really love doing phonics because it helps me with my reading.”

Year Two — Felicity says...

“We love everyone. We help people who need our help and we behave well.”

Year Three — Joseph says...

“We’re loving to each other and have a great Christmas fair. We do a lot for charity.”

Year Four — Lewis says...

“We care for each other and we are a big part of the community: God’s, the school and Church.”

Year Five — Darcy & Lydia say...

“We’re very sporty and we show good sportsmanship. We have a football club, tag rugby, ballet, gymnastics and lots more! There’s something for everyone at our school.” “We also go to lots of sporting events such as cross country, swimming galas and football tournaments. When we go out of school we are respectful of other schools, we support each other whether we win or lose!”

Year Six— Elizabeth says...

“We are small in numbers but that means we know each other really well. We are a good community and we go to Church often. We are a faith school and we all try our best to follow in God’s footsteps.”



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