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See our SEND Support Document for information, tips and websites to support children with Dyslexia/dyslexic tendencies.

Remember to use your Nessy Passwords. Ask your teacher if you're unsure of what they are. 

Downloadable Resources: 

SNIP Spelling - This programme is aimed at increasing reading and spelling. It uses the primary high frequency words (HFW). These words are grouped by selecting those that visually look different to each other. 

Open Dyslexic Font - This is a font that is designed to address contrast/blindness, letter confusion or rotation, and crowding. Download it free from this link. 

Letter Confusion - It is quite common for children to confuse similar looking letters. These posters will help with the most common ones. B and D           Confusing Letters            Confusing Numbers     

Listen and Do Activities - Aimed at improving a child's working memory. Find examples below:

 Listen and do 1 .pdfDownload
 Listen and do 2 .pdfDownload
 Listen and do 3 .pdfDownload
 Listen and do 4 .pdfDownload
 Listen and do 5 .pdfDownload
 Listen and do 6 .pdfDownload
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